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Combined extensive research by our military engineers & scientists have determined significant changes have become necessary on some of our weaker maps. Check out the patch notes below for the full list!

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It would appear High Command have given the go ahead for the deployment of a new strategy against the enemy! Major Grimly has been overseeing the fortification of several territories around the islands of Saustralasia, the exact locations of which are strictly on a need to know basis soldier! Then again, you've probably seen some of them before, perhaps there are some new ones here and there... regardless we expect complete secrecy from you! Is that understood?


The Fortification Update is a two day multiplayer event that seeks to bring new content to the Hogs of War community! Day 1 brings with it much needed balance changes to the existing League maps, while Day 2 will focus on bringing tons of new content to the rest of the community!


For starters, multiple maps have seen changes to their weapon crates, whether that be the quantity of available weapons or complete different ones! Not only that, you'll also find certain health crates have finally be set too! So no more randomised health pickups!  

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But wait, didn't you just mention completely different weapons? We did! Say hello to some of the less conventional weapons and abilities that you'd normally be used to in multiplayer! The Fortification Update has shipped with crates that contain the likes of the Medical Dart, Super Shotgun and Suicide Ability to name just a few, as scattered across the multiplayer maps you'll be able to get your dirty little trotters on 'em all!


Our Airborne units are working around the clock to parachute in those new weapon crates to you, but do bare in mind that a little bit of patience goes a long way! First looks can be deceiving, so although certain maps may look like they have no crates - over time this can change in an instant! 


It seems Major Grimly has made significant upgrades to our map's minefields! You may be used to just regular old minefields, but the Fortification Update also comes with small clusters of much more destructive mines! (to both pigs and framerates alike!). Best to keep an eye on the minimap before you go waltzing off into the sunset!

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pigin hell.JPG

(Download The Update Here)


  • All previously randomised health crates have been set to a specific amount of health

Pitch Invasion

  • Minefield added across centre of football pitch (middle point of map)

  • Pockets of water on ground have had their tile type changed to liquid, so small bodies of water can now be found throughout the map

  • Multiple areas where slippery tiles have been added into trench areas. No longer are players able to run across the entire map without slipping off terrain

Over the Top

  • ​Map swapped for older version. Layout still remains roughly the same, this version adds to it a body of water that stretches across the entire length of the map at ground level

  • Jetpack Crate added to other side of map (replaces extra bazooka crate) so that both sides have matching equipment drops

  • Multiple Weapon crate drops added, including Mortars and Airbursts

The Lake

  • Several minefields across the map have been reduced in size to allow for more playable space. These include:

    • Both minefields either side of the lake itself. Pigs are now able to safely swim to either side without the threat of detonating a mine​

    • Corner minefield has been split into several clusters, so the small bridges are still viable to access the crate pickup area

  • Guided Missile Weapon Crates have been reduced in quantity from x2 to x1

Pigin' Hell

  • Minefield has been added across the centre of the map, splitting it in two (so pay close attention to the minimap here!)

Frost Fight

  • Both Guided Missile Weapon Crates have been reduced in quantity to x1

One Way System

  • Guided Missile Weapon Crate in centre of map has been reduced to a quantity of x1


  • Minefields on the high ground have had a reduction in size to allowing for more playable space in this area

Ridge Back

  • Minefields near waters edge have had a slight reduction in size to minimise insta-kill first turns

Chill Hill

  • Airstrike Weapon Crate has been removed (F-Rain Airstrike crate still remains)

Route Canal

  • Jetpack Weapon Crates have been changed - Homing Missile, Airburst, Madness Gas and Rocket Launcher added


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